Avoid Trimming Trees Excessively

When Arborists are pruning trees they try to remove as little of the overall tree as possible. As I mentioned earlier, it is a good thing to have a tree canopy that is thick with leaves and branches. Pruning trees excessively can create “holes” in your tree’s canopy that could cause a viewer’s eye to focus on those spots only. In other words, it may be hard to see the overall beauty of your tree, if you’re too busy looking at all the holes and bare spots.

So, when pruning two crossing branches, try to remove as little of the branch that you’re cutting as possible. As explained in the article “Proper Tree Pruning”, you’ll want to cut the branch back to a point where a suitable “leader branch” is located of course. But, by cutting off only the section of branch that is crossing other branches, you can eliminate the problem and still leave a good portion of the branch that you are cutting as well. Paying close attention to the amount of each branch that you trim off can preserve the full looking canopy of your tree. Don’t worry if you do happen to create holes however, because they will eventually fill in as new branches develop in that area.

Sometimes, in an effort to find sunlight, young branches inside the crown of your tree will actually grow in a downward direction. That usually happens because crowding branches above them block out too much sunlight.  If you find a branch inside your tree’s canopy and it’s growing toward the ground, it may die soon if it doesn’t get the sunlight it needs.  

Proper tree management including deadwood removal and fixing crossing branches can allow more sunlight to reach the center of your tree’s canopy. A “black sheep” branch such as one turned downward can add a lot of character to your tree if it is allowed to survive. On the other hand you may think it looks strange. Of course your own judgment is important here, taking into consideration the look that you want for your tree.

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