Having a good hair care routine is vital in ensuring that your hair remains healthy. This might sound like an engaging and tiresome task for men. Doesn’t it? Well, taking care of your hair requires a routine that is simple an effective. With the right tools and knowledge on how to go about it, hair care routine is not as hard.

An effective hair care routine can be summarized into four facets; washing your hair at least 3 times a week, styling your hair, taking care of thinning hair and using the best hair clippers for men. Easy. Right?

Washing your hair three times in a week is equally vital as opposed to washing it daily. Why? One would ask. Well, washing your hair more often, strips the naturally produced protective oils off your hair leaving it ‘naked’ and more prone to getting frayed. Use cool water as opposed to hot water to wash your hair. Hot water tends to dry up your hair leaving you with dull hair when it dries.

Water causes the keratin in your hair to stretch. This explains why hair is weaker when wet. Care should therefore be taken when drying up your hair after washing it. It is recommended to dab your hair dry to get rid of the excess water rather than subjecting the wet hair to rough towel dry treatment that might end up breaking your hair.

Always comb your hair after applying a hair product. Combing helps in distributing the hair product throughout your hair and thus bringing about the desired outcome. It is always recommended to comb the hair towards the direction it grows.

Using a blow drier can be an efficient way to dry your hair quickly but trust me you don’t need the hair drier every other day. Blow drying consecutively will eventually lead to hair damage and thus you should let the
hair air dry most of the times.

Caring for thinning hair is one of the most important ways of maintaining healthy hair. This can be achieved by massaging your scalp when washing your hair and most importantly having a balanced diet. Massaging the scalp stimulates blood circulation which in turn promotes hair growth. Gently rub your scalp with your fingers in a circular motion around the areas that the hair is thinning. Eat foods that have nutrients that promote strong hair growth. Such foods include proteins, B vitamins and Omega 3 fatty acids.

Choosing the best hair clippers can be an overwhelming task. Regardless, having hair clippers is very convenient. Settling on the best hair clippers is dependent on a lot of factors; how frequent you use the clippers, your hair type and size as well as your budget.

There are three basic hair clipper types; the rotary hair clippers, the magnetic hair clippers and the pivot hair clippers. The choice of hair clipper to use will be informed by various factors that include your hair type, clipper speeds, maintenance cost involved as well as personal preferences.

The rotary hair clipper is a good deal as it works well with both soft and coarse hair styles. The magnetic hair clipper works best with soft hair types and the pivot hair clipper works best with coarse hair types.

The pivot hair clipper has its blades moving in both directions making it faster than the other two hair clippers.…

Couples today have become much more adventurous and imaginative when it comes to capturing their special day. Modern twosomes are moving more in this direction rather than the traditional wedding photos and poses seen in the past. Whatever you choose, traditional or funky, vintage or alternative, it’s crucial to find a wedding photographer that is on your wave length.

Many people don’t realize how important the role of a wedding photographer is to making their special day as wonderful as it can be. The relation you have with your photographer is as important as your intended spouse (for that day at least!) You want someone who is not only experienced but flexible, fits with your personality, and who also has great, creative ideas of his or her own.

Apart from the basic, expected requirements of professional expertise, here are some basic, fundamental tips to go by when choosing a photographer:

1) Relaxed – Nerves are inevitable on your wedding day, and not just for the bride and groom. The pressure to make everything go smoothly affects everyone, so it’s important to choose a photographer who is relaxed and full of smiles, so they will help people to smile themselves. If the photographer is stressed because things are not going perfectly, it will only intensify the pressure for everyone and result in bad photos.

2) Mini Beautician – It is a huge help when your photographer knows all the little tricks of the trade to help keep everyone beautiful for the photos. Whether they adjust that lock of hair just right, or suggest a darker shade of lipstick, experienced photographers will know how to make the best out of everyone in the photo.

3) Flexibility – Anything can happen on your wedding day. Minds change, weather changes, things happen out of our control. Your photographer should be able to cope with any last minute changes to the photo shoot effortlessly and without panic.

4) Samples – Always ask to see samples of a photographer’s work before committing to work with them. Ask what their forte is, how they like to work in different environments, what their back-up plan is if the weather turns etc. Feel free to ‘interview’ them to really get a feel for whether you want to work with them or not.

5) Express your personality – What you want to be sure of when it comes to your wedding photos is that your personality as a couple shines through with every picture. The wedding photographer needs to have a really good idea of what this personality is for this to be successful. If you’re looking for traditional and demure photos, or slightly more crazy and fun, or somewhere in between, they need to know you well to get it right. If they don’t spend enough time with you or ask you many questions to find out, they make get you completely wrong.

6) Image is everything – if you meet your photographer in person and they are a bit dishevelled, untidy or unkempt in any way, it might reflect on their quality of work. Most photographers are artists, and some are technical wizzes with the camera that may not pay much attention to detail or personal image. Ask for samples of their work to ensure you feel completely comfortable with the photographer’s style of work, regardless of what their own personal ‘image’ is.

7) Storytelling – Your life with your loved one is a story, a story you want captured in your wedding photos. A wedding photographer should offer to shoot pre-wedding photos to capture your story completely, but if that’s not in your budget, ensure they know your story, so it can shine through on the day. The photographs should capture those special moments that may not always be posed, but will certainly be memorable.

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